Weekend Warrior: Tracee Ellis Ross

The magnificent Tracee Ellis Ross did an interview with The New Potato and the accompanying photos are everythingggg. I've been a big fan of Tracee's for a while now (where all my Girlfriend's fans??) and her new show Black-Ish is phenomenal if you haven't checked it out yet. I also love her answer when asked what advice she would give to her younger self:

"We live in a world that will tell you that life is all about getting things, and getting what you want. I would tell my younger self that if I stay focused on getting to know myself, accepting myself, loving myself, and allowing myself to be myself that life will become less about getting things and more about building experiences [...]"

Travel Guide: Toronto

I recently returned from my first girls getaway with my pal Liz and we had the best time! After a short pitstop in Niagara Falls, we drove up to the lovely city of Toronto, and let me tell you- our neighbors to the north have got it good. From grade-A museums, to all wonders of culinary delights, to the loveliest of little neighborhoods, Canada did not disappoint.

We stayed in a great Airbnb in the Garden District, which was very centrally located with walking distance restaurants and sightseeing, as well as easily accessible by public transit to everything we'd planned on visiting. See below for the breakdown of what we did while we were there :)

Hair of the Dog
Butter. Chicken. Grilled. Cheese. Try it. Love it. Thank me later.

Wish Cafe
We came here for brunch on our way to the Royal Ontario Museum which is just a short walk away. While the smallness of it can mean a bit of a wait on the weekends, I found it cozy and reminiscent of cafes in NY and Paris. The cute bar in front makes for a nice spot to enjoy a pre-brunch cocktail while you await your table.

Delicious, authentic Thai cuisine in a charming basement space in the Financial District.

Smoke's Poutinerie/Poutini's House of Poutine
It would be an absolutely sin to leave Canada without having poutine at least once. We went to Smoke's while we were in Niagara (it's a chain) and then checked out Poutini's after a long walk down Queen Street West. Both were excellent. Definitely arrive with an empty stomach.

The Drake Hotel
I love a good art hotel, and The Drake on Queen Street West (seriously, this stretch of downtown is amazing) does not disappoint. Filled to the brim with a colorful collection of modern art, this lodging option also hosts concerts and other cultural happenings.

Casa Loma
This historic site was once a private residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, and then a hotel for two years in the 1920s. The castle now serves as a museum and local landmark, as well as being a popular venue for weddings (there was even one happening while we were there!) and films.

Royal Ontario Museum
As the largest museum in Canada, ROM does not disappoint; housing all manor of natural history exhibits from dinos to dieties to art deco. We were especially enamored with the hall of gems and minerals, shown below.

Ripley's Aquarium
Absolutely loved the jellies exhibit, and the moving walkway through the shark tank is pretty dope.

Queen Street West
Vogue named Queen Street West as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, and I'd dare anyone who's visited to disagree. Check out Graffiti Alley (but don't miss the dozens of other murals and pieces down various other side streets as well), Brika for cute paper goods and accessories, and the numerous galleries and modern furniture stores that will make you want to take up residence. Head a bit north up Ossington Ave. to Bang Bang Ice Cream for amazing and very Instagram-able ice cream sandwiches, and if you don't mind waiting 40 minutes- egg waffle cones as well.

Kensington Market
A maze of actual fruit, vegetable, and fish markets, as well as funky shops and sidewalk stands with cheap gifts and chotchkies. As for the boutiques, I loved Good Egg, which specializes in cookbooks and kitchen wear, but also has a great collection of kids and baby goods, as well as fun art prints and other housewares.

Re-Meet The Met

You've probably hear that The Met recently introduced a new logo. Many in the design community are less than thrilled with the new design, myself included. I happened upon this old brand system from the Thomas Schwab Studio however, and was wholly enamored. Clean and playful, but still rings true to the classic brand image of the legendary museum. Love it.

Pack'd: Toronto

In a few short weeks, my friend Liz and I will be headed to Canada! I'm so thrilled to be going on my first trip of 2016 (and my first girl's trip!) and I thought I'd share a few things I'm taking with me on the journey. We'll be spending one night in Niagara Falls and then heading to Toronto. I know we're going to be doing a lot of walking, so I definitely have to take that into account. I'm also a notorious over packer, but I'm challenging myself to just take a carryon, which hopefully won't be too hard since it's a shorter trip.
1 for long walks and exploring // 2 for planning (I buy one for every city I travel to // 3 for schlepping // 4 so I don't run out of juice  // 5 more walking  // 6 for keeping dry at the falls // 7 for keeping it all together (already gotten so many compliments on this guy // 8 for capturing it all