Re-Meet The Met

You've probably hear that The Met recently introduced a new logo. Many in the design community are less than thrilled with the new design, myself included. I happened upon this old brand system from the Thomas Schwab Studio however, and was wholly enamored. Clean and playful, but still rings true to the classic brand image of the legendary museum. Love it.

Pack'd: Toronto

In a few short weeks, my friend Liz and I will be headed to Canada! I'm so thrilled to be going on my first trip of 2016 (and my first girl's trip!) and I thought I'd share a few things I'm taking with me on the journey. We'll be spending one night in Niagara Falls and then heading to Toronto. I know we're going to be doing a lot of walking, so I definitely have to take that into account. I'm also a notorious over packer, but I'm challenging myself to just take a carryon, which hopefully won't be too hard since it's a shorter trip.
1 for long walks and exploring // 2 for planning (I buy one for every city I travel to // 3 for schlepping // 4 so I don't run out of juice  // 5 more walking  // 6 for keeping dry at the falls // 7 for keeping it all together (already gotten so many compliments on this guy // 8 for capturing it all

Five Things: Palm Print

The palm print trend is really nothing new, but with the temps finally rising, and the summer months quickly approaching, I'm really looking forward to incorporating this fun pattern into my life more and more. Really dying to do my bathroom in some fun banana print wallpaper, but I don't see my man agreeing to that any time soon. In the meantime, I'm lusting after the lovely swim suit above, among others.


Over the weekend I watched the Oscar nominated movie Brooklyn and in addition to it being such a sweet love story, I was blown away by the brilliant use of color. I found myself totally enamored and inspired by the lovely pastels and vibrant jewel tones. Simply fantastic cinematography; I cannot recommend it enough. Check out some of my favorite scenes below.